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Aerial View of a Drone

Aerial Photography

Get unparalleled perspectives with our high-resolution aerial photography services. Capture breathtaking birds-eye view images of real estate listings, sprawling landscapes, construction sites, events, and more. Our photos will showcase your subject in a whole new light, adding a touch of grandeur and dimension.

Aerial Videography

Create dynamic and engaging videos with our aerial videography expertise.  We take your vision to new heights, literally, with smooth, cinematic footage that will captivate your audience. Whether you need a promotional video for your resort, a virtual tour of a real estate property, or a captivating event recap, our aerial videography services will set your production apart.

3D Modeling

Generate high-fidelity 3D models of buildings, structures, and terrain using our advanced drone technology and photogrammetry expertise.  This 3D data can be invaluable for construction planning, architectural visualization, historical preservation, and a wide range of other applications.

Inspection Services

Our drone inspection services provide a safe and efficient way to conduct detailed inspections of hard-to-reach areas.  We can inspect roofs, solar panels, wind turbines, cell towers, and other infrastructure for damage, wear and tear, or construction progress.  Our high-resolution photos and videos will give you a clear view of any issues that may need attention.

Mapping & Surveying

Create accurate and detailed maps and surveys of large areas using our state-of-the-art drone mapping and surveying services.  This is ideal for land development, construction projects, environmental monitoring, and other applications that require precise geospatial data.  Our drone technology allows us to capture vast areas quickly and efficiently, saving you time and resources.

Real Estate Marketing

Showcase your properties like never before with our real estate marketing services.  We create stunning aerial photos and videos that will grab potential buyers' attention and leave a lasting impression. Highlight the unique features of your property, showcase the surrounding neighborhood, and create a virtual tour experience that will make your listings stand out from the competition.


At Aeroflit Drone Media, we are dedicated to providing our clients with innovative solutions that maximize efficiency and minimize risk. Whether you need site progress updates, visual inspections, or other drone-based media solutions, our team has the expertise and technology to help you achieve your goals.

Thank You for Contacting Us!

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